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Digital Resources for Youth

Resources, Just for You

To support you during this time of remote learning, we are creating new digital resources to help you think about your online life and make choices about the media you see and create.

Check out our videos, blog articles, and more below!


Media Power Youth is launching a new video series to help students navigate some of the media challenges we’re all facing during this pandemic. The following video gives you tips on how to set yourself up for a great video call, from designing your background to making sure your audio is in check.


This back to school season looks very different from years past. With most on a virtual or hybrid model, what are some ways you can manage your screentime when so many activities involve screens? Check out the following video for helpful tips to manage your own screentime. 


Because of social distancing, the way we communicate with one another has had to adapt and change over the past few months. Watch the video below for ideas on how to communicate creatively!  


Media Power Youth is excited to launch “The MPY Scoop,” a podcast of community conversations about topics that matter to you!

Our first series, “Community Conversations on Vaping,” was created in partnership with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program and features ten experts and community members across three episodes talking about the true facts around vaping.

You can listen here!


This infographic (below) will help you to set yourself up for success as you log in to your remote learning. When you are less distracted and more prepared, you will have the tools you need to thrive in your online environment. Digital classrooms provide an opportunity to explore a new way of learning and can connect you with people and places all over the world. To download a printable version of this infographic with a place to take notes, click here.


This summer, we created a video with local youth organizations to show that we can still celebrate our successes even as we are physically distant. This media creation project was part of the Youth Enrichment Partnership funded by Granite United Way and the Norwin S. and Elizabeth N. Bean Foundation.


Below, we’ve selected our blog posts most relevant to remote learning and digital
communication. You can find all of our blog posts here.

Screen-Free Ways to Explore Indoors

With students’ learning going digital, and friends and family shifting to video chats versus in-person hangouts, it can be difficult to manage our screentime. Even our libraries are providing e-books and e-resources. When we look at screens for extended periods of time, it can affect our quality of sleep. Depending on what the content is, it can also increase our anxiety and tire out our brain. So how do you keep you and your family entertained without switching on the TV?

Online Learning with Early Elementary Students

We are lucky that we live in a time when access to technology is enabling schools to continue to offer educational opportunities during a health crisis such as COVID-19, but now children as young as 5 are being asked to learn from online learning plans with little preparation. This is putting parents and educators on the spot to quickly switch to a new model of learning for their kids. Here are some ideas for smoother online learning for early elementary students.

Staying Connected: Digital Tools for Social Distancing

Social distancing, or keeping distance from other people to slow the spread of infection, has become the new normal. However, as we physically distance ourselves, we can employ digital tools to stay connected from afar. Here are some of the ways you can use your phone, tablet, and computer to reach out to friends and loved ones.

Solace in the (Virtual) Stacks: Making the Most of Your Library’s Digital Resources

Libraries have long been a haven for children and families to find not only their next great read, but to get magazines, audiobooks, programming, and even movies and DVDs. Though most libraries have closed their doors to keep their patrons healthy during the current COVID-19 outbreak, there are many ways to access library materials digitally, and they are easier to use than you think!

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