• Inspiring young people to engage with media in
    thoughtful & creative ways that support well-being.

How to Lead Conversations About Media Consumption

On-Demand Webinar

Enjoy the webinar! Dr. Monica Burns and Media Power Youth’s Heather Inyart share many strategies to help students understand their role and responsibilities as media consumers and creators.

Build Your Skills to Help Students Make Healthy Decisions About Media

The Media Literacy for Safe and Healthy Choices online course for educators provides a solid foundation in what media literacy is and how to teach it to your students. You’ll examine your own perceptions of media, learn the connection between media, thought and behavior, and have the opportunity to share ideas with educators across the country. Upon course completion, you’ll be eligible for continuing education credits.

The comprehensive professional development course also includes unlimited use of the Media Literacy for Safe and Healthy Choices curriculum. This evidence-based curriculum provides 12 interactive lessons; a detailed teacher’s guide, including lesson plans, handouts, images, and student worksheets; and media samples to build lessons around, including video clips, advertising and product packaging.