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What’s New & Noteworthy at Media Power Youth

2023 Summer Camp

Flip The Script camp came back this year better than ever, with a supercharged twist! This is a project-based camp that teaches teens and tweens about misinformation in the media while enhancing their science literacy skills through the process of filmmaking.

Media Power Youth’s Flip The Script camp mixes science with superheroes! Campers had a blast exploring the SEE Science Center’s exhibits and learning about the science behind them. Using their wild imaginations, they worked with their peers to create fantastical tales about their superhero origin stories. Campers used their teamwork and problem-solving skills as they filmed. They learned the importance of recognizing and stopping the spread of misinformation, using their science knowledge to flip the script – pulling the rug out from under us and revealing the truth about their awesome exhibits.

As all great creators do, our campers started the filmmaking process with a bit of research into a particular topic. If, for example, you wanted to film the next great Finding Nemo, you would have to do a lot of research on the ocean and the creatures that live there. Our campers conducted research into their exhibits, carefully choosing which scientific facts they wanted to include in their film. They came away with a new understanding of the value of a good source and how challenging it can be to create media that is both informative and entertaining.

Three of the SEE Science Centers coolest exhibits were this year’s stars of the show: the Air Cannon, the Plasma Generator, and the Water Pressure and Tidal Wave exhibits. These films taught us about the ways in which air moves, that plasma can be found all around us, and how water can be turned into energy.

Thank you to the Bear Foundation, Lobombarde Family, and The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Rutman Family Fund and Corbit Family Fund for their generosity in contributing to our youth learning experiences. We are also grateful to the SEE Science Center for hosting this filmmaking camp and inspiring young people to engage in scientific discovery.

Now on to the best part – the films! Please enjoy them below, we hope to see all of our incredibly creative campers again next year!

Film #1 – The Hair Dryer

Claire Cannon scores a job at the SEE Science Center, but one night while she’s closing up the museum a mishap with the air cannon leaves her with a gust of power. 

Film #2 – Plasman

Is that a bird? Is it a plane? No, that’s Plasman flying across the sky! But wait, here comes Plasman’s archnemesis, Rubber Bandit!


Film #3 – Ocean Adventures

Oh no! Mr. Clean has sunk Fishman’s submarine! He must team up with Opal Octopus and a Pirate Princess to save the day.