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Summer Camp Means Summer Fun!

Summer is the time for fun, creativity, and community! Summer camps are a place for those things to thrive in a safe and structured environment. Some children lack a strong social foundation, making them feel isolated and alone during the summer months. Introducing your child to summer camp provides them with a group of peers to interact with that more often than not, share the same interests.

Benefits of Summer Camp

A summer camp can be the perfect bridge between the school year and unstructured free time during the summer. At camp, children are playing games and having fun while also learning and socializing with their peers. They have some structure to their day, but they aren’t tied to a desk or a specific classroom. Instead they are running around outside, making arts and crafts, and meeting all sorts of new friends! Though many camps reinforce what children learn in school all year long, their staff find ways to make it much more fun and interactive. Kids leave camp feeling like they’ve had a day packed with fun and friends, rather than feeling bogged down by information overload.

A camp environment also helps children gain confidence in their own abilities outside of the home or school. At camp, kids complete projects, hikes, and community building exercises to provide them with this boost of confidence in themselves. These activities allow the campers to see themselves as successful. An article posted by Psychology Today states that children who see themselves this way will be better problem solvers when faced with new situations in the future.

Another helpful aspect of camp is that it’s a great way to keep your child on track with a routine during the summer. For about nine months of the year, children operate by the same routine schedule five days a week. Summer time comes with the connotation of having endless free time, which can be very daunting to children and parents alike. According to Dr. Erika Bockneck, an educational psychologist at Wayne State University, routines help to support healthy social emotional development. Particularly, children with regular routines at home acquire self-regulation skills, which can be the building blocks of good mental health

Considerations to Look For

A great way to ensure that your child will make some lasting connections, is to sign them up for a project-based or themed summer camp. Finding a camp theme that your child is interested in can be crucial. There is no shortage of these kinds of summer camps, ranging from science camps, to band camps, to photography and film camps! Several camps will even change the theme that they focus on weekly, giving their campers a wide variety of activities and experiences to choose from. 

Media Power Youth is passionate about providing youth with interactive and creative experiences all year long.  In the summer, we offer movie-making experiences that encourage children to explore perspectives that differ from their own, learn persuasion techniques, and engage in real-time problem solving. During our Flip The Script and Conservation Quest camps, kids will create, write, film and edit their own short films. At Flip The Script, campers focus on producing their own superhero origin stories and positive storytelling. During Conservation Quest, campers will capture footage of wildlife while learning about endangered species. These camps are wonderful opportunities for these young filmmakers to learn how to use media in a new way and to express themselves creatively.  This years camps are hosted in partnership with the SEE Science Center and the NH Audubon. 

For more information on Media Power Youth Summer Camp offerings, click here. We hope you join us for the best part of Summer… Camp!