• Inspiring young people to engage with media in
    thoughtful & creative ways that support well-being.

Media Power Youth Partners

We aren’t alone in our mission to help young people lead healthier lives through safer and smarter media choices. Since our inception, we’ve partnered with many organizations and individuals that have helped us empower students through media literacy. Our curricula, workshops and community programs would not be possible without the support of the foundations, educational institutions, businesses and government agencies listed below.

Meet Our Partners

Media Power Youth programs wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration and support of these organizations as well as many individual contributors, educators, and community leaders.

Meet Our Sponsors

Media Power Youth’s corporate sponsors are community-minded businesses that value connectedness, innovation, and media education for all. We deeply appreciate their continued support of our mission and programs!

Support Our Mission

Whether you’re a parent, educator, health professional, or active community member, we encourage you to get involved with and support Media Power Youth. Please contact us about volunteer opportunities or implementing one of our media literacy programs in your organization. We welcome donations as well to support the development of our programs that help young people manage the promise and perils of media.

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