• Inspiring young people to engage with media in
    thoughtful & creative ways that support well-being.

Parent Workshops

Healthy Media Habits Start at Home

Academic success, enriching relationships, strong self-esteem, a healthy lifestyle. All of these things can be impacted by the messages your child sees and hears in the media. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of the media your child uses and produces daily and to teach them to reap the benefits of media while recognizing the influence it can have on their thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Media Power Youth offers a number of interactive, media-rich workshops that share media’s impact on  children’s physical, social and emotional health. You’ll learn family strategies to help your children develop a healthy relationship with media and technology.

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Media Power Youth’s highly interactive and media-rich workshops are designed to help adults better understand the impact of media on children and provide them with strategies and resources to promote smart, positive use of media.

  • Media Smart Right from the Start: Learn to be a Media Smart Parent for Your Pre-School Aged Child/Toddler
  • Media and Creativity: How Smart Use of Media Can Boost Creativity and Learning
  • Screens Off: Media Reduction in Your Home and Community Can Have Healthy Results
  • Advertising: The Battle for Your Child’s Brain and Body
  • Girls & Media: Realities and Strategies
  • Teens & Media: Brain Development and Media Usage
  • Consuming Kids: Documentary and Discussion
  • What Goes Online Stays Online: Managing Your Digital Footprint and Personal Data
  • Digital Citizenship: How to Behave Responsibly Online