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Making a Difference Through Media Education

by Jessica Dorsey, Elementary Educator Advisory Board Chair

As a fourth-grade teacher working with nine and ten-year-olds, I know how much media is a part of young students’ lives. Kids see media messages in books, on TV, on the radio, and in advertisements. However, in schools, we don’t often explicitly teach students how to ask questions about media and the sources of information they are consuming and ultimately trusting. When I found out about Media Power Youth’s new curriculum, Media Literacy for Safe & Healthy Choices, I loved the way it facilitated conversations about media and health and how the lessons allow students to ask questions and analyze information provided to them.

I started working with Media Power Youth in 2020, developing professional development for their new Media Literacy for Safe & Healthy Choices curriculum. I wanted to bring these resources and information about topics of media literacy to classroom teachers, counselors, and administrators because these topics are meaningful and teach students lifelong skills. This was especially relevant during the pandemic when students were using technology constantly to both learn and entertain themselves. As we transition to a new normal, we are finding that this increasing presence of media and technology in school and at home is here to stay.

Last year, I joined Media Power Youth’s Elementary Educator Advisory Board which is made up of a diverse group of educators and professionals. We are able to get together virtually to discuss the needs of teachers and students, as well as provide insight into reaching parents, teachers, and students with these important resources and instructional topics. While MPY is learning about how the field of education is changing through our discussions, I am able to take away ideas and resources from MPY and other educators that I have been able to implement in my own classroom. Additionally, our discussions guide the creation of new curriculum, resources, and materials that facilitate students’ responsible media use and creation.

As spring of 2022 approaches, I am so excited to announce that I will be Chair of the Elementary Educator Advisory Board! I can’t wait to foster meaningful discussion within our amazing group of professionals to learn and understand each person’s unique experience. This will allow MPY to better assist students, teachers, and the community in gaining access to relevant MPY curriculum, resources, and programming. Even better, we are looking for new members on both the Elementary and Middle School Advisory Boards!

The education field can be busy, stressful, and difficult to get your voice heard, yet we all want to make a difference in the lives of our youth. Serving on this board will give you the opportunity to share individual experiences, teaching styles, and student needs while guiding the creation of resources that you will have access to! So, please join me in being a part of this awesome community of professionals. You can learn more and apply at https://www.mediapoweryouth.org/educator-advisory-board/. We are accepting applications through April 26th midnight EST.