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Giving Back, With Double The Impact!

by Donna Onacki, Media Power Youth Board Treasurer

The holiday season is upon us! It evokes a feeling of gratitude and giving that inspires many to give back to their communities. Some people do this by supporting organizations with missions that are important to them. However, there are many ways to give back. You could volunteer time, tip a little extra, or shop local. If you choose to help a non-profit deliver programs and services as your way of giving back to your community, one of the best ways to maximize the impact of your gift is by utilizing an employee match benefit.

Did you know you can double or even triple the impact you’re making on a non-profit you support? It’s easier than you think! Many companies are now offering an employee match benefit. This method of giving has become a popular form of corporate philanthropy, with most companies now offering this benefit to their employees. This benefit allows employees to submit a request to use the match benefit, and once approved, the company will fulfill the match by donating directly to the non-profit! 

Every company goes about this benefit differently. However, checking your employee handbook to see if this benefit is offered is a great place to start. It is important to note that some companies offer to double your gift, while others triple it or more! This gift-giving method is extremely valuable to a non-profit, as it provides flexible funding that organizations can use to respond quickly to the unique needs of the people they serve.

There are other benefits to utilizing your employer’s match benefit. This includes increasing corporate philanthropy and giving the non-profit more funding to provide your community with resources and programs. This is the perfect time to find out if your employer offers a match benefit. If so, you can submit your request and help your favorite non-profit. If not, you can talk to your employer about the benefit to get the conversation started!