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On-Demand Webinar: How to Lead Conversations About Media Consumption

Media, from video games and commercials to movies and social media, has an enormous influence on students’ behavior, thoughts, and health and well being. Educators see its impact every day in the classroom. How do we teach our students to become knowledgeable and responsible consumers and creators of media in today’s digital world?
Watch this on-demand webinar with Dr. Monica Burns, EdTech Consultant and Founder of ClassTechTips.com and Heather Inyart, Executive Director for Media Power Youth to learn:

  • Students’ roles as consumers and creators of media in school and out
  • The importance of teaching students what responsible media interaction is
  • Strategies to facilitate constructive conversations about media literacy in the classroom
  • Ways to practice and encourage healthy media creation
  • Strategies for engaging families in conversations about media literacy at home


You’ll also gain insight into how media impacts our societal and cultural norms and the effect this can have on young people’s behaviors and health in areas such as violence, substance misuse, and nutrition.

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