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Media Education and Events

Media Power Youth offers a variety of events around topics such as managing screentime, remote learning engagement, media creation, social media & mental health, and violence in the media. These events help educators, families, and youth alike gain the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the increasingly complicated media landscape and how to use media creatively to advocate for causes they believe in.  We provide professional training, family webinars, and youth workshops. Check out our current offerings below.

Professional Development, July 26th and July 28th

Media Literacy for Safe and Healthy Choices 

Media Power Youth has just updated its foundational media literacy curriculum for upper elementary students, Media Literacy for Safe and Healthy Choices. This evidence-based educational resource contains lessons on how media/technology shape our habits and attitudes around health and wellness while engaging students in a hands-on health fair project. It includes traditional media examples such as TV advertising and packaging as well as use of social media, gaming, and news stories. It is recommended for teachers who are currently teaching the curriculum, as well as teachers who are interested in exploring these topics in their classroom. Educators who attend will receive a digital copy of the curriculum, teacher’s guide, and digital assets. 

This three-hour virtual training will take place on Zoom and is free for elementary educators thanks to Media Power Youth’s partnership with the NH Center for Excellence and the NH Department of Justice. We are offering this program at two separate times to best fit your schedule. If you have any questions, please email Heather Inyart at [email protected] 

Professional Development, Aug 17th and Aug 19th

Media Literacy Curricula for Middle School 

In this workshop, we will share insights into how the pandemic has affected teens’ attitudes and habits around media/technology use, its impact on student well-being, and how to engage students in a dialogue about using these tools positively in and out of school. We will introduce you to our new tools including updates to our Screenshots curriculum, our NEW Digital EQ and Mental Health project-based learning module, and a new supplement containing lessons on video games. We will also share our experiences with implementing these tools in schools and ideas that educators have shared with us along the way. Participants will also receive a digital copy of the materials explored during the workshop.

This three-hour virtual training will take place on Zoom and is free for middle-school educators thanks to Media Power Youth’s partnerships with the NH Department of Justice and Bear Foundation. To help fit your schedule, we are offering this training at two separate times. Sign up below for the time that fits you best.

If you have any questions about the curriculum or this PD opportunity, please contact [email protected]