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Media Education and Events

Media Power Youth offers a variety of events around topics such as managing screentime, remote learning engagement, media creation, social media & mental health, and violence in the media. These events help educators, families, and youth alike gain the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the increasingly complicated media landscape and how to use media creatively to advocate for causes they believe in.  We provide professional training, family webinars, and youth workshops. Check out our current offerings below.

Professional Development, May 24th

News Literacy in the Classroom 

With access to multiple news sources, constant updates, and false information, it can be more challenging than ever for students to sort through the chaos and separate fact from fiction. Having rich discussions around current events in the classroom can boost students’ social and emotional skills and create a deeper connection between you and your students. In this professional development workshop, we’ll talk about the current news landscape, how to integrate news literacy into your classroom, and how to have important conversations about civics and current events with your students.

Thanks to a grant from the New Hampshire Department of Justice, this workshop is offered at no cost and is open to all educators working with grades K-12. This training will be on May 24th, from 10am-12pm EDT on Zoom.