• Teaching essential skills to
    empower smart, safe media choices

Media Literacy Curricula

Empower Students to Safely Navigate a Complex Media World

Teachers see the role media plays in students’ lives every day, both academically and socially. Media Power Youth offers evidence-based curricula you can easily integrate into core instruction to teach young people media literacy knowledge and critical-thinking skills to use media responsibly and recognize the power it has to influence specific behaviors including bullying, violence, substance misuse, and nutrition. Empowered students make better decisions, and better decision-making helps students excel.

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So much of students’ lives are spent online. Use the Screenshots media literacy curriculum to teach middle school students to be responsible and respectful digital citizens.

Through low risk situations that mimic the daily challenges they experience online, students will learn:

  • How to think critically about social media messages
  • Manage online conflict
  • Practice empathy
  • The role of digital media in peer pressure and substance use


From a very early age, children are exposed to media. Our evidence-based curriculum for grades 4 – 6 increases students’ knowledge of media’s role in the decisions they make about their behavior and health.

  • Teach students to think critically about media and understand its influence over behavior, drug and alcohol use, and food choices.
  • Reduce incidents of bullying, violence, substance abuse, and poor nutrition to strengthen students’ health and improve the learning environment.
  • Implement quickly and confidently with the support of comprehensive online or in-person training and instructional resources.
  • Keep learning relevant and engaging through the use of popular media and hands-on activities.
  • Easily integrate into core curriculum with lessons aligned with math and literacy CCSS and New Hampshire State Standards.

Build Your Media Literacy Knowledge — and Earn CEUs!

The Media Literacy for Safe and Healthy Choices online course provides a solid foundation in what media
literacy is and how to teach it to your students. You’ll examine your own perceptions of media, learn the
connection between media, thought and behavior, and have the opportunity to share ideas with educators
across the country. Upon course completion, you’ll be eligible for continuing education credits.

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Media Power Youth partnered with the New Hampshire Department of Education’s Office of Student Wellness to develop Real Talk, a series of 2-hour online learning modules packed with information, resources and practical skills and tools for addressing media-related behaviors.

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