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Nature Meets Filmmaking

Conservation Quest camp is the perfect balance between spending time outdoors and working with tech! Campers explored natural habitats and researched native species while working in groups to create their own nature documentaries.

During our week together, campers had a hands-on media-making experience while learning about advocating for native species and the importance of conservation. Campers had a blast exploring the NH Audubon Massabesic Center lands and trails. Conservation Quest camp mixes the great outdoors with movie-making! As a group, campers conquered not one, but two hikes to both Battery Point and Blueberry Point. The kids learned how to write their own script and storyboard, as well as how to film and edit their own footage on iPads using iMovie editing software.

The awesome animal handlers at the NH Audubon Massabesic Center were so helpful during the filming process. Campers were able to get up close and personal with the species they were researching, giving them hands-on experience with wild animals and their filming equipment.

Campers researched several native New Hampshire species like peregrine falcons, New England cottontail rabbits, painted turtles, pollinators, and bullfrogs, as well as habitats including Lake Massabesic and its surrounding wetlands. In groups, they used their critical-thinking skills to decide which facts to include in their documentaries. Campers displayed excellent teamwork and problem solving, as film sets have a lot of moving parts and nothing ever goes according to plan.

Thank you to the Bear Foundation, Lobombarde Family, and The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Rutman Family Fund, and Corbit Family Fund for their generosity in contributing to our youth learning experiences. We are also grateful to our partner, NH Audubon, for inspiring young people to connect with nature and advocate for the places we love. 

Now for the most fun part – watching the documentaries! Please enjoy these amazing films below.

Film #1 – Lake Massabesic

This documentary about the Manchester area’s drinking water sources comes with a catchy little tune! 

Film #2 – Bunnies

Tune into Bunny News, where they’re giving you the inside scoop on all things New England Cottontail. 

Film #3 – Peregrine Falcon

Is the Peregrine Falcon behind the recent chickadee incident? Find out tonight on MPY News.

Film #4 – The Pollinator Movie

Meet Bob, the dragonfly! He’s here to tell us all there is to know about Pollinators.

Film #5 – Turtles are Awesome

One group of campers and an animal expert attempt to answer the question we’ve all been asking: Do turtles like pizza? 

Film #6 – Wetlands

Learn more about how you can volunteer to save the wetlands and other treasured habitats! 

Film #7 – Why Frogs are Slay

Have you ever wondered why frogs are slay? Well, get ready to learn!