• Inspiring young people to engage with media in
    thoughtful & creative ways that support well-being.

Community Workshops

Invest in a Healthy Future

An investment in the health of young people is an investment in your community itself. Children gain amazing benefits from interacting with media but they need to be aware of the potential negative effects too.

Media Power Youth offers evidence-based, health-focused media literacy education to organizations, research institutions, health and prevention programs, foundations, and corporations. Together, we can help young people master the media literacy knowledge and critical-thinking skills needed to make healthy choices about their own behaviors and values that will create resilient communities today and down the road.

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Media Power Youth’s highly interactive and media-rich workshops are designed to help adults better understand the impact of media on children and provide them with strategies and resources to promote smart, positive use of media.

  • Media Smart Right from the Start: Learn to be a Media Smart Parent for Your Pre-School Aged Child/Toddler
  • Media and Creativity: How Smart Use of Media Can Boost Creativity and Learning
  • Screens Off: Media Reduction in Your Home and Community Can Have Healthy Results
  • Advertising: The Battle for Your Child’s Brain and Body
  • Girls & Media: Realities and Strategies
  • Teens & Media: Brain Development and Media Usage
  • Consuming Kids: Documentary and Discussion
  • What Goes Online Stays Online: Managing Your Digital Footprint and Personal Data
  • Digital Citizenship: How to Behave Responsibly Online