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What’s New & Noteworthy at Media Power Youth

Helping Children Ask The Important Media Questions

In today’s world, media impacts children’s lives in almost every way. It educates, entertains, persuades, and influences how they see the world. It can be overwhelming trying to help them create a healthy relationship with it due to how encompassing it can feel. However, there is one skill that you can start teaching children today that will help them improve their relationship with media!


How Brands Hack Your Brain

It’s common knowledge that branding can change your feelings about a company. However, it also changes how your brain is wired. Effective brand marketing prompts consumers to link brands with their identity and influences their feelings and behaviors. This has interesting effects on our economy, society, and decision-making. Two professors from the University of Pennsylvania: Americus Reed II, a marketing professor, and Michael Platt, a professor of marking, psychology, and neuroscience, delve into this question and more in a thought-provoking YouTube video presented by Big Think. KEEP READING

Misinformation Movie Magic

We are proud to present our latest media creation project! This “Flip the Script” Camp is a project-based summer camp designed to teach teens and tweens about misinformation while building their science literacy skills through the art of movie making.


Adjusting My Relationship with Social Media

by Clay Cohen, Media Power Youth Summer Intern

I jumped at the possibility of becoming an intern at Media Power Youth because I am fascinated by the hold social media seems to have on my friends, family, and myself. Over time, this new social technology will only continue to intertwine itself in all facets of our lives. My goal was to develop a deeper understanding of media literacy so that I could be better equipped to mentor my friends and six younger siblings. I’ve learned that whether social media positively or negatively affects an individual’s mental health depends on the person and situation.


Making a Difference Through Media Education

by Jessica Dorsey, Elementary Educator Advisory Board Chair

As a fourth-grade teacher working with nine and ten-year-olds, I know how much media is a part of young students’ lives. Kids see media messages in books, on TV, on the radio, and in advertisements. However, in schools, we don’t often explicitly teach students how to ask questions about media and the sources of information they are consuming and ultimately trusting. When I found out about Media Power Youth’s new curriculum, Media Literacy for Safe & Healthy Choices, I loved the way it facilitated conversations about media and health and how the lessons allow students to ask questions and analyze information provided to them. KEEP READING

Seeking High School Students for 22/23 Advisory Board!

Media Power Youth is a youth-development organization that inspires young people to engage with media in thoughtful and constructive ways that support their physical and mental well-being. We offer rich learning experiences on media and technology that help students, teachers, and communities build media literacy skills and use media responsibly to advocate for the causes and people that matter most. Through our youth advisory board, the Youth Media Squad, we partner with teens to gain insight into our programs and current issues facing young people while also giving students new skill sets and growth opportunities. We are looking to expand our board for the 2022/2023 term! KEEP READING

Dividing the Darkness with the Poet Finders

By Katrina Grella
Student Engagement Specialist, Boys & Girls Club of Manchester 

Imagine telling your story on the foundation of someone else’s words. For some, this may be the start of a life chapter—a fresh start. While for others, it becomes a new visual storytelling experience they never knew existed. Blackout poetry aims to discover what lies just between the lines. Maybe even help guide you through the darkness to find a light. KEEP READING

Gifts That Make a Difference

Many people have taken stock of what really matters to them in the last two years, and are reflecting those values during the holiday season. Helping others is one of the biggest natural antidepressants, but how can you give creatively and thoughtfully this year? Below, we’ve listed a few ways that you can use your skills, time, and wallet to support your community and those you care about without wrapping paper or a trip to the post office. KEEP READING

How Social Media Presents an Unrealistic View of Others’ Lives

By Youth Media Squad member Dhruv Penumatsa

When you log onto Twitter or Instagram, you are able to look at millions of pictures and videos of many amazing people, but this can have a negative effect on you. Many people face depression because they don’t feel good enough comparing themselves to other people’s looks, skills, or wealth. But all of these people are humans as well and they all have their own struggles. KEEP READING

5 Questions to Ask Your Tech this Holiday Season

You may be thinking of buying your child technology for a holiday gift or an upcoming milestone, but what should you keep in mind as you make that decision? Technology can be a great tool for youth to explore the world and connect with others, but it can also be a challenge to navigate. KEEP READING