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Creativity in the Wild: The Origins of Conservation Quest Camp


Summer is the time for fun, creativity, and community! This time of year tends to move at a slower pace, with lighter schedules and ample time to get outdoors. However, for children, the loss of their routines and daily connections with friends can bring loneliness and feelings of anxiety. Summer camps can bridge this gap by providing a safe and exciting environment to explore new interests. Camp educators support kids as they develop new skills, boosting their self-confidence. By providing a diversity of activities, camps help children discover strengths they didn’t even know they had and make new friends along the way. 

We wanted to create a different kind of summer camp at Media Power Youth, especially for youth in middle school who tend to have fewer options. We envisioned an experience where campers could immerse themselves in the outdoors and indulge in media making activities at the same time. We knew that kids spent a good chunk of their summer on their devices, and we wondered if we could somehow harness this obsession to engage them in a different way. 

In addition, many of the teens we work with expressed concern for the environment and we wanted to help them find new ways to speak up for the outdoor spaces they love. 

With these goals in mind, we found the perfect partner in the NH Audubon and launched a new camp called Conversation Quest. Together, we merged the excitement of filmmaking with nature exploration. Campers discover how to tell stories that inspire others by producing a short film. They get hands-on with cameras, learn the secrets of editing, and play with sound to make their stories come alive. They also have plenty of time to hike through the forest, explore grasslands and ponds, and have fun in the outdoors with new friends. This unique blend of outdoor adventure and filmmaking helps amplify young voices and the causes they care about. The experience culminates in a screening at Red River Theatres in Concord, where campers’ stories and passion for conservation take center stage. 

You can check out the films from our 2023 campers HERE!

This year, we have two sessions to choose from: July 8th–July 12th or July 15th–19th. Both take place at the NH Audubon Massabesic Center. Online registration is now open – we can’t wait for campers to join us this summer and let their imaginations run wild, all while making a difference for our planet! 

Finding Community with Educators

At Media Power Youth (MPY), we believe in the power of media literacy education to empower young people. The content and implementation of our programming and resources thrives through the dedication and passion of the educators on our board, the very individuals who guide young minds and shape their futures.

This past year, we embarked on a journey of collaboration with a remarkable group of educators. These inspiring individuals, representing diverse backgrounds and experiences, have become invaluable partners in our mission. We initially formed this board with a specific goal: to gather insights from educators directly on the challenges they face and the needs of their students in this digital age. We sought their expertise to refine our media literacy curriculum, ensuring it resonated with classroom realities and addressed critical learning gaps. KEEP READING

2023 Summer Camp

Flip The Script camp came back this year better than ever, with a supercharged twist! This is a project-based camp that teaches teens and tweens about misinformation in the media while enhancing their science literacy skills through the process of filmmaking.


Seeking High School Students for 2024-25 Advisory Board

Media Power Youth is a youth-development organization that inspires young people to engage with media in thoughtful and creative ways that support their physical and mental well-being. We offer rich learning experiences on media and technology that help students, teachers, and communities build media literacy skills and use media responsibly to advocate for the causes and people that matter most. Through our youth advisory board, the Youth Media Squad, we partner with teens to create new youth programs that address the current issues facing young people. Members also have opportunities to build new media creation and advocacy skills. We are now accepting applications through April 30th. KEEP READING

My Advocacy Experience

By Zoë Henry-Hughes, Youth Advisory Board Member, Media Power Youth

My name is Zoe Henry-Hughes. I am a member of the Youth Media Squad, the youth advisory board at Media Power Youth. I advise MPY on how they can help young people navigate digital communities and am learning more about how to advocate for causes I believe in. Through this post, I am sharing my experiences as a high school student (going onto college) invested in LGBTQ+ advocacy.

Negativity Bias and Mental Well-being

Caught up in the latest news cycle spiral? Can’t stop thinking about that one comment your teacher made on your last essay when studying for a test? Can’t stop replaying a disagreement with your partner or friend in your head? You may be experiencing Negativity Bias, a cognitive phenomenon deeply ingrained in the human psyche. Our brains are wired to give more weight to negative information and experiences than positive ones, impacting our relationships and mental well-being. In this post, we’ll explore the effects of Negativity Bias, particularly in relationships, and offer strategies to counteract this natural inclination so you and the people who care about you can be a little happier every day.


Navigating Mental Health Advocacy on Social Media

As the social media world has evolved, we have seen influencers, athletes, actors, and more use their platforms to share their mental health journeys. They are using their platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter, to share their journey with the world, creating a space for others to feel comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone and a space to connect with others who might be going through something similar. 

One notable athlete changing how mental health is perceived is Simone Biles, an Olympic athlete who had to step down in the 2020 Olympics due to her own mental health needs. Biles experienced the “twisties.” The twisties refer to a mental block that can interfere with a sense of where an athlete’s body is in space, which is especially dangerous for gymnasts.  She used her platform to bring awareness to her mental health struggles and shed light on the overwhelming stigma mental health receives. When influencers, athletes, and other community members shed light on their journey, it can resonate with others, knowing that people from all walks of life experience their mental health struggles and there is support.


Embracing 2024 with Positive Habits

As we welcome 2024, let’s look at the tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Many of us reflect on how to eat better, improve our sleep, or fit in more exercise. It can be a helpful goalpost or one that causes frustration. In a recent conversation, our Youth Advisory Board offered some key insights and suggestions on how to build healthier habits – especially when it comes to our digital ones.


Superhero Summer Camp

Flip The Script camp came back this year better than ever, with a supercharged twist! This is a project-based camp that teaches teens and tweens about misinformation in the media while enhancing their science literacy skills through the process of filmmaking.


Nature Meets Filmmaking

Conservation Quest camp is the perfect balance between spending time outdoors and working with tech! Campers explored natural habitats and researched native species while working in groups to create their own nature documentaries.