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3 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

Giving back, whether with monetary gifts or your time, has been shown to increase your health and happiness! Helping others is one of the biggest natural antidepressants, but this year it might be more challenging to reach out to your favorite charity or loved ones due to COVID-19 restrictions. Below are some ideas to reap the health benefits of giving while staying safe. KEEP READING

Media as a Springboard for Classroom Learning

By Erin Gannon, K-12 Educator and PBSWorks National Faculty

Flexibility has always been an important part of our work as educators, but that is even more true as the pandemic causes repeated shifts in how and where we connect with students. Strategies that translate easily to different environments are more important than ever. There are many great practices that work to inspire learners using media whether they are in a digital environment or in person. Let’s explore a few of these together. KEEP READING

Can Digital Citizenship Curriculum Improve Health and Wellness Among Teens?

Much of our work at Media Power Youth centers on helping young people understand the role media play in their lives, how they can shape the broader culture of a peer group as well as individual habits and thought patterns. Social media and online communities are not separate spaces that youth visit for a moment of distraction or entertainment. They are where teens live, socialize, learn, and support one another. Young people’s online and offline lives merge seamlessly and, as opposed to many older adults, they are native to both. Today’s teens were born into a wired ecosystem that completely surrounds them and shapes who they will become. KEEP READING

Students Do More Than Listen with Behind the Lyrics Workshop

Most of us listen to music every day, whether we’re using streaming music online or still spinning records at home. Music gives us a soundtrack to our lives, helps us process emotions, and can even help us focus or sleep, but how much are we paying attention to what music is saying behind the lyrics?


Create a Music Video with Media Power Youth!

Media Power Youth is excited to launch a lip-sync music video project to celebrate the Youth Enrichment Partnership! The purpose of this video is to show students that they can be hopeful, resilient, and creative even in times like these. New Hampshire youth attending programs at participating agencies, their families, and staff are all welcome to participate in this project. The project will allow staff and students to make a lip-sync or dance video for a segment of the song. These segments will then be edited together into one cohesive music video. This video can continue on as an example of the community we have built through the partnership and our ideals as organizations.  KEEP READING

Teachers Helping Teachers in the “New Normal”

By Susan O’Neil, Board Member of Media Power Youth

Everywhere we look people are writing and talking about reopening our country, restarting our economy, and getting back to normal.  Certainly, teachers and students are living a new normal; teaching and learning in the digital space.  We’re witnessing our educational professionals rise to meet new challenges, as they and their students work hard to learn how to use technology in new ways.   KEEP READING

Screen-Free Ways to Explore Indoors

With students’ learning going digital, and friends and family shifting to video chats versus in-person hangouts, it can be difficult to manage our screentime. Even our libraries are providing e-books and e-resources. When we look at screens for extended periods of time, it can affect our quality of sleep. Depending on what the content is, it can also increase our anxiety and tire out our brain. So how do you keep you and your family entertained without switching on the TV or pulling out the iPad? KEEP READING

Online Learning with Early Elementary Students

We are lucky that we live in a time when access to technology is enabling schools to continue to offer educational opportunities during a health crisis such as COVID-19, but now children as young as 5 are being asked to learn from online learning plans with little preparation. This is putting parents and educators on the spot to quickly switch to a new model of learning for their kids. Here are some ideas for smoother online learning for early elementary students. KEEP READING

Solace in the (Virtual) Stacks: Making the Most of Your Library’s Digital Resources

Libraries have long been a haven for children and families to find not only their next great read, but to get magazines, audiobooks, programming, and even movies and DVDs. Though most libraries have closed their doors to keep their patrons healthy during the current COVID-19 outbreak, there are many ways to access library materials digitally, and they are easier to use than you think! KEEP READING