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Author: Molly Vallee

Preventing Cyberbullying With Practical Skills

Last week, we had the opportunity to get a taste of what Parkside Pride is all about. We spent two full days at Parkside Middle School talking to students about practical skills they can use to combat cyberbullying. We discussed and practiced conflict resolution, empathy, and emotional regulation skills, empowering teens to shift the digital spaces they encounter for the better.


Giving Back, With Double The Impact!

by Donna Onacki, Media Power Youth Board Treasurer

The holiday season is upon us! It evokes a feeling of gratitude and giving that inspires many to give back to their communities. Some people do this by supporting organizations with missions that are important to them. However, there are many ways to give back. You could volunteer time, tip a little extra, or shop local. If you choose to help a non-profit deliver programs and services as your way of giving back to your community, one of the best ways to maximize the impact of your gift is by utilizing an employee match benefit. KEEP READING

Helping Children Ask The Important Media Questions

In today’s world, media impacts children’s lives in almost every way. It educates, entertains, persuades, and influences how they see the world. It can be overwhelming trying to help them create a healthy relationship with it due to how encompassing it can feel. However, there is one skill that you can start teaching children today that will help them improve their relationship with media!


How Brands Hack Your Brain

It’s common knowledge that branding can change your feelings about a company. However, it also changes how your brain is wired. Effective brand marketing prompts consumers to link brands with their identity and influences their feelings and behaviors. This has interesting effects on our economy, society, and decision-making. Two professors from the University of Pennsylvania: Americus Reed II, a marketing professor, and Michael Platt, a professor of marking, psychology, and neuroscience, delve into this question and more in a thought-provoking YouTube video presented by Big Think. KEEP READING

Misinformation Movie Magic

We are proud to present our latest media creation project! This “Flip the Script” Camp is a project-based summer camp designed to teach teens and tweens about misinformation while building their science literacy skills through the art of movie making.