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Author: Megan Fedele

Navigating Mental Health Advocacy on Social Media

As the social media world has evolved, we have seen influencers, athletes, actors, and more use their platforms to share their mental health journeys. They are using their platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter, to share their journey with the world, creating a space for others to feel comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone and a space to connect with others who might be going through something similar. 

One notable athlete changing how mental health is perceived is Simone Biles, an Olympic athlete who had to step down in the 2020 Olympics due to her own mental health needs. Biles experienced the “twisties.” The twisties refer to a mental block that can interfere with a sense of where an athlete’s body is in space, which is especially dangerous for gymnasts.  She used her platform to bring awareness to her mental health struggles and shed light on the overwhelming stigma mental health receives. When influencers, athletes, and other community members shed light on their journey, it can resonate with others, knowing that people from all walks of life experience their mental health struggles and there is support.