• Teaching essential skills to
    empower smart, safe media choices

Changing The Way Kids Think About & Use Media Our programs empower youth to consume and produce media safely and
responsibly to ensure their physical , social and emotional well-being.
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Teach Youth to Make Smart
Choices Online — and Off
Build the skills of middle school students
to help them be responsible and respectful
digital citizens and safely navigate the
pressures of the online world.
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Strengthen Your Community Increase the understanding of media’s
influence on beliefs and behaviors with
engaging, interactive workshops for youth,
parents and community organizations.
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The messages today’s youth encounter across media have enormous influence. Video games show them how to act. Commercials tell them what to eat. Characters in their favorite shows become role models.

In a world where media is a constant, we empower youth to make healthy choices about their behavior while teaching them to create a positive digital footprint.

Media Power Youth provides young people, parents, educators, and communities with curricula, training and workshops to build media literacy knowledge and critical-thinking skills to navigate our media-rich world. We empower youth to reap the benefits of media while recognizing the influence it can have on specific behaviors that set a course for their entire lives, including violence, bullying, substance misuse, and nutrition.

Seeking Youth Leaders for Virtual Design Team

Students designing for students  Apply online by October 12th

Do you want to help teens navigate social media and build positive online communities? Have you ever wondered how social media impacts mental health? Join us and put your ideas into action.

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Teaching Social Media
in the Classroom

Professional development for middle school educators

Learn how social media shapes adolescent mental well-being and perceptions on everything from relationships to substance use. You’ll also receive curriculum you can use in the classroom.

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On-Demand Webinar: How to Lead Conversations about Media

Watch this information-packed webinar with Dr. Monica Burns and Heather Inyart to learn strategies to help students understand their role and responsibilities as media consumers and creators.

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Meet Our Partners

Media Power Youth programs wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration and support of these organizations as well as many individual contributors, educators, and community leaders.

Center on Media and Child Health
“If we want our youth to develop appropriately, be healthy and safe, then we must guide them to use and consume media critically and responsibly.”

RONA ZLOKOWER, MCM, Founder, Media Power Youth

“Media Power Youth is a model public health and media literacy program that all communities would do well to adopt.

Dr. Michael Rich, MD, MPH, Director, Center on Media and Child Health, Children’s Hospital Boston

“If we can help parents manage media in their family life, it will make parenting easier, our children healthier and more likely to succeed in school.”

Lisa DiBrigida, MD, Medical Director, Child Health Services, Manchester, NH

“Students believe that they can understand and resist media messages in order to make their own healthy choices.”

David S. Bickham & Ronald G. Slaby, Effects of Media Literacy Program in the US on Children’s Critical Evaluation of Unhealthy Media Messages About Violence, Smoking and Food, Journal of Children and Media, Volume 6, Number 2, May 2012

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