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5th graders at McDonough School, Manchester, NH, with their junk food monster.
The MediaSmart curricula created by Media Power Youth focuses on media's influence on violence, substance use and nutrition.



"Media is becoming seemless and not going away. Thank you for an eye opening experience! We clearly need to incorporate media literacy into our classrooms."

- Teacher, North Country Health Consortium

School Programs
We can work with you and your school community to create media-healthy opportunities for youth. Our programs can tackle a range of issues, including the media's influence on violence, obesity, substance use and abuse, image and self-concept issues, at-risk sexual behaviors, consumerism, cyberbullying, and good digital citizenship.
We provide programs and curricula for school and after school programs. If you would like to bring Media Power Youth programs to your school district or community, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Elementary and Middle School Curricula

Curricula has been piloted, evaluated and implemented district-wide in Manchester, NH, in the 5th grades of all elementary schools. Click here to read the evaluations by the Center on Media and Child Health (Children’s Hospital-Boston, Harvard Medical School & the Harvard School of Public Health)


Fast Facts on the Upper-Elementary 5th Grade School Curriculum

Click here to download (PDF)

This two-page document provides the nuts and bolts on the Media Power Youth Upper-Elementary 5th Grade Curriculum, information on state and national learning standards, cost to implement and a scope and sequence chart with student learning objectives.


Media Power Youth: Elementary and Middle School Curricula Training

Participate in fun, engaging media-rich training on media's influence on violence, aggression, and bullying, tobacco and alcohol use, and nutrition. Receive lesson plans and all the tools needed to make your students critical thinkers about media and responsible media producers.


Media Power Youth: Third Grade Curriculum also available


Media Smart Right from the Start: Early Education

Increase success of young children's behavioral and learning development through media literacy education. Trainings include staff and parent education, focusing on the reduction of media use with negative influence, and the promotion of positive use of media. Media literacy skills for parents include understanding media influence: understanding story telling quality of media, reality vs. media stories: setting rules and boundaries for media use for themselves and children.

Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL)

Media Power Youth programs and curricula highlight media’s influence on childhood obesity and non-nutritional eating.  Health-focused media literacy is an integral part of the statewide Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Action Plan, promoting healthy living. The plan states that schools should encourage integration of media literacy across curricula to “teach children how media markets to them and competes for their time, how consumption of media replaces other activities, how to think critically about media and how to produce media". Contact us for school or out of school programs that contribute to healthy eating active living goals.